Inspiring Dress for Country Wedding Guest

Inspiring Dress for Country Wedding Guest
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Are you invited by your friend to a wedding party? and you have no idea about what to wear in a country wedding party? Do not worry! We will give you country wedding guest dress ideas and sample of the wedding guest dress for a country wedding. So, we will begin by knowing what is the country wedding itself ?.

A country wedding is a type of the wedding party themes that the concept often influenced by the nature of surrounding areas. Several types of the country wedding are the western country wedding, country rustic chic wedding, old southern country wedding, summer garden wedding and much more. A country wedding obviously has a country setting and usually held by using outdoor concept. A country wedding sounds like such a fun wedding! However, I bet the majority of the guest list will be just as confused on the what dress code should be wear. Here some tips about dress for country wedding guest:

  1. Get the information about the theme of the wedding. Since it is a country wedding, you should know where the place of the party was taken.
  2. After knowing the location, you should be able to guess the concept of the wedding. You may start to look for the dress code that suitable for the wedding topic.
  3. Attending a country wedding is certainly less formal than a black tie or semi-formal evening weddings.
  4. While the wedding party usually used formal attire. It’s best to find something that hovers nicely in the middle; for such a wedding country, you may consider a maxi dress. A maxi can look dressier, but it’s also beach-friendly.
  5. Pretty dressy casual dresses like floral fit and flare dress are perfectly in place at a rustic country wedding.
  6. Wear pretty shoes that won’t stick in the grass or on a barn floor.

Sample Dress for Country Wedding Guest

Sample Dress for Country Wedding Guest

1. Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress can be a great choice for a spring or summer wedding and can suit wedding events that run from dressy casual, beach casual, to semi-formal. Here is the sample of maxi dress for the wedding guest. In fact, the maxi dress can be the best choice if you’re not quite sure of the formality of the wedding.

2. Casual Wedding Guest Dresses

Casual wedding guest dresses are perfect for wearing to informal backyard weddings, daytime outdoor weddings or any wedding where dressy casual attire is encouraged.

3. Semi Formal Wedding Guest Dress

If you’re looking for a cocktail style dress to wear for an afternoon or evening semi-formal wedding, these semi-formal wedding guest dresses can be your reference.

Have you found your type of dress for country wedding guest? Just for a suggestion, no matter what type of wedding guest dress that you wear,  the couple will not give complain about what you are wearing – as long as you do not wear a dress code whic upstage the bridal. They will be thrilled just for your attendance in their party and well-wishes.